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Manipulatives are an essential part of a tutors tool kit! Children of all learning styles benifit from their use. If you have read my home page you will know that my aim with this site is to either give you everything you need for free or, direct you to another free resource.

So what exactly are these tools?

Well, they are anything that your kid can pick up in their hands, turn around, take apart or put together, that will reinforce their understanding of a basic math concept.

Have you used these teaching aids before?

You bet! Have you counted items such as building blocks with your child? How about sorting items such as coloring pencils by color? Maybe you have drawn a circle using a tin of canned food, because you couldn't find a compas! Well if you did, you created your own manipulative.

Current list of printable math manipulatives

Nets of 3D Shapes

Use these Nets of 3D Shapes, to allow your student explore the connections between 2D Plane shapes and three dimensional objects.

Foot Measurement

Printable Graph Paper

Printable Money

Printable Money

A sheet of coins and a sheet of notes, all in US Currency.

Printable Shapes

Two different documents here, both containing the same shape.

One set of shapes is blank, the other has the names included.

Fraction Circles

A choice of color or black & white fraction circles ranging from 1 Whole to Twelfths.

Place Value Chart

Many printable place value charts for you to chose from here, whether you want the simpler ones, tens & hundreds, or the more advanced billions, including decimal positions.

Fraction Strips

Fraction strips or fraction bars from 1 Whole to 1/12

Cuisenaire Rods

Algebra Tiles

Algebra tiles are especially useful for children who lean heavily towards a visual learning style.  Now you can easily SHOW how algebraic expressions are calculated.

Base 10 Blocks

Though the 3-Dimensional blocks are definitely easier to handle, these printable base 10 Blocks are a cheap and easy alternative.

Printable Heart Shapes

Printable Heart Shapes are fun and versatile for young (and old) kids to play around with.

Geo-board paper

Three different sizes of geoboard paper to choose from, and details of a nice little project.

Blank graphs and charts

Printable Clock

Allows your kid to move the hands of the clock around, and helps them make sense of time.

Printable Thermometer

A4 Sized, complete with Degrees Fahrenheit and Degrees Celsius

Subtraction Flash Cards

These subtraction flash cards are all in black and white.  If you would prefer colored ones, print on colored card.

Addition Flash Cards

These addition flash cards also have instructions on how to use them as a replacement for dice while playing common board games.

Multiplication Flash Cards

Multiplication Flash Cards to practice basic arithmetic facts.

Division Flash Cards

Division Flash Cards to practice division.  This file also contains some basic division vocabulary.

Fraction Flash Cards

Printable Calendar

This is a blank calendar which you can use to have your student fill in the information each and every month.

Geometry Flash Cards

Care and Use

Many of these printables, by their very nature are only used once.  An example of this would be the Nets of 3D Shapes.  People tend to print these out, cut them out and allow their kids to assemble the 3D Shape from the flat 2D printable.  However others, such as the flash cards, are used over and over again. 

After printing this type of math manipulative, consider printing on card, or reinforcing another way.  I also like to cover these with a clear contact paper to make them stronger.

Also consider storing all your teaching aids in one place, so you will always have easy access to them.

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