Master K-6 Basic Geometry

Geometry is used everywhere, by everyone, on some level every day.  I personally love geometry as it is such a visual subject.  

Everyone can have a lot of fun with basic geometry but if you have a child who is a visual learner, they will find it especially exciting!

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Even for the very young, creating tessellations with geometry tiles is highly entertaining.  And Tangrams can offer hours 

of interesting fun through the creation of wonderful stories.  Geometry shapes are also great math scrapbooking projects.

Like any other area of K6 Math however, there are a number of stages to complete in order to successfully understand and master elementary geometry.  I have listed these stages below.  Use them to easily navigate through your exciting journey of teaching your child basic geometry.

Steps to Mastering Geometry

The question is - What is geometry

Familiarize yourself with the basic geometry shapes.

Points, lines, line segments, half lines and rays.

How to identify angles.

How to identify triangles.

How to identify Polygons other than triangles.

Area and perimeter.  You know these but how do you explain them?

What is the relationship between 2d and 3d shapes?

Regular Polyhedra V Platonic Solids! What is the difference?

Pi is not a variable!

The circle.

Surface Area and Volume.

The connection between area and volume.

The importance of drawing realistic 3d Geometry Shapes.

The pros and cons of using a geometry glossary.

Geometry projects for all ages!  Tangrams, tessellations, scrapbooking and more!

Because Geometry is so beautiful, and there is so much done by elementary schoolers, I have devoted an entire site to just this subject.

Please visit for everything you need to help your elementary school student with basic geometry, all other areas of math I deal with here at Printable Math Worksheets.

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