Addition Flash Cards

Addition Flash Cards, make learning addition facts fun.  You can print off these cards to help your kid master these all important skills.

Addition Flash Cards

Click on the image of the set you wish to print, to be taken to the Pdf Download.

Simply click on the image to the left to start printing.

This is a pretty big Pdf document, as it contains all the addition facts to 12, some instructions, and an addition number chart also.  You will see that these cards are a little different to most addition cards because of a little 'direction' I give under the answer area.

What to do with addition Flash Cards?

Having someone sit in front of you, holding up flash cards, is a little on the daunting side.  Some kids love it, some, not so much!  So what if your kid is one of the ones who doesn't like the activity so much?

Well, my son was one of these.  That is why you will see, these cards have a little difference on them.  Under the answer area, I give a little direction .... "use entire number", "take tens digit" or "take units digit".

These instructions are here, because I started to use these flash cards in replacement of dice while playing board games with my son when he was much younger.

Some of the addition facts yield numbers too large to use on board games, such as 12 + 12.  Moving 24 spaces in a game of Shoots and Ladders, made for a very short game!

We decided to only use the '2' or the '4' as the spaces moved.

By doing this, these addition flash cards started my kid very early on the Place Value of digits also.

An Extension

You may feel that your child isn't ready for 11 + 9 yet, and that's okay.  These are meant to be fun, not torture! (Especially if you decide to use them for board games).  That is why I also included an addition chart.  Allow your child to use this.  You will be amazed how in a very short length of time, your child will stop referencing this sheet, and will just know the answers!

Consider this.

These addition cards will be heavily used for a while, especially if being used for games also.

When I had printed, and cut these cards out, I then 'laminated' them with clear contact paper.

They outlasted our need for them, which was pretty great.

Storing your Flash Cards

You will use these flash cards, along with flash cards for other math skills again and again.  Consider wrapping the cards in an elastic band, and storing them in a box where you can easily access them, whenever they are required.

The less time you spend looking for stuff and organizing, the more time you will actually spend on teaching your kid these skills.

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