Printable Geoboard Paper

Using Geoboard Paper helps your child solidify the basics of 2D geometry.  These sheets can be printed and used as they are, with pencil or pen ... or, they can be used to create a much more interesting project.

Printable Geoboard Paper

I have one three different sizes of paper available.  The numeration indicates the number of dots on the paper.

Click on the image of the set you wish to print, to be taken to the Pdf Download.

This is 6 x 6 Geoboard Paper

This is 10 x 10 Geoboard Paper

This is 20 x 20 Geoboard Paper

Hopefully you can get exactly what you need here. If there is something very particular you are looking for, please don't hesitate to contact me.  I will do what I can to get you it.

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Consider this.

When you print off these sheets, they can be used for many craft projects as well as solidifying basic math skills in the area of geometry.

If you want to make these manipulatives a little more permanent, and allow your child to explore a fun world with both string and elastic bands, check out the recommendation below.

Project Idea

  • Get a piece of timber, such as ply wood, a little larger than your printed square.
  • Place the paper on the timber and fix in place using tape.
  • In each of the dots, hammer in small 3/4 inch tacks (found in any local hardware store)
  • Your child can now connect the tacks with string or elastic bands, rather than connecting the dots on a sheet of paper!

You will really enjoy the pictures that they will create!

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