Roman Numerals Overview

Welcome to our Roman numerals access page. Here you will find some wonderful information and 'gadgets' to help you master these tricky numbers.

Unfortunately I heard recently that there is some talk of removing Roman numbers from the curriculums currently in use. I absolutely agree that once learned, these historic numbers have little use in our everyday lives (except perhaps identifying the sequal numbers of the 'Rocky' movies, clock faces or those funky numbers over the door of really old buildings) but I believe it would be a shame to remove them all together!

Where do Roman Numerals hail from?

Studying the history of Roman Numerals can open a window of curiosity to the Roman Empire for your child. But I do 'get' that they are unfamiliar, so you can download and print a Roman Numerals Chart of your choice to allow your child a 'quick reference sheet'. I recommend you start with downloading this cute A4 chart detailing  a fun mnemonic that will help your child remember the Roman Numerals. This should take some of the stress out of the learning process.

Converting Roman Numerals

I have also included detailed pages on how to convert from and to roman numerals but if you prefer I also have converter 'gadgets' for either you or your child to check their answers. I have both an 'Arabic numerals to Roman Numerals' converter and a facility to convert Roman Numerals to Arabic Numerals.

Although converting to ordinary (Arabic) numbers is the easiest way to add and subtract Roman numbers be aware that some school districts require an elementary student to be able to add and subtract roman numbers without converting them to Arabic numbers! Then of course, your child will need to practice what they have learned - so take advantage of our free printable roman numerals worksheets.

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