Create your own Base 10 Blocks

Base 10 blocks can be made with little effort, from just about any material that is comfortably handled and shaped. This can turn into a fun craft project for you to do with your student.  This doesn't have to be a project though.  You can simply print off my free Base 10 Blocks Template.

If you chose to do this, I highly recommend you print off on card board. You and your child will be handling these quite a bit, and paper gets tatty fast.

Don't want to make a set?

If you don't want to make a set of your own, I highly recommend you purchase a set. These blocks are one of the few teaching tools in math that are used over and over in many areas of math, not just addition.  You will get value for your money!

**WARNING** This store is addictive!

What materials work well?

  • Thick Card Board
  • Foam Board
  • Magnetic Board - Your fridge will take on a whole new look
  • Craft Clay
  • Timber

There are four types of blocks in a Base 10 Block Set

  • Squares, small squares which represent 1's
  • Longs, long narrow strips which represent 10's
  • Flats, large squares which represent 100's
  • Blocks, large cubes which represent 1000's

Base 10 Blocks are just one of the many printable manipulatives I have available for you. They are an exceptionally helpful tool for children with any of the different learning styles.

Remember!  All this great material is available 24/7 100% free of charge and can all be accessed from Printable Math

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