The Kindergarten Skills your child must become familiar with.

Knowing your childs Kindergarten Skills requirements is a great way to keep an eye on how they are doing throughout the year! Keep in mind however

this is a kindergartners curriculum for the entire year. Depending on the teachers scope and sequence for the year, will determine what your student has

actually covered. Don't be surprised in December, if your child still isn't familiar with a Bar Graph. This may not have been covered by the teacher yet!

I have taken these grade expectatoins from Washington State OSPI

These Grade Level Expectations are organized by basic math subject area for Kindergarten Grade.  If you would rather have a basic math skills requirements list organized by subject area, that includes every requirement from Kindergarten to 6th grade in one downloadable document please visit my Grade Level Expectations section.

Bellow is a list of the skills subdivided into subject areas. Click on the links to be taken to all the worksheets you will need!

Kindergarten Skills by Subject Area

Patterns And Classification

  • Simple repetitive patterns
Complete the pattern;
  • Model addition to 10
Sums to 5 with pictures; Sums to 10 with pictures;
  • Model Subtraction from 10
Subtraction up to 5 with pictures; Subtraction up to 10 with pictures

Numbers and Operations

  • Rote count forward from 1 - 100 and backward from any number in the range of 1 - 10
count to 3; count to 5; count to 10; represent numbers to 10; up and down with pictures; up and down with numbers; using tally marks; before, after and between; forward and backward; count to 20; count to 30; count groups of 10; count tens and ones.
  • Numerals 0 - 30
Names of numbers to 10; names of numbers to 20, names of numbers to 30.
  • Order numberals 1 - 10
On the number line; complete a sequence; put numbers in order.
  • Count objects in sets
Pictures; Tally marks.
  • Compare sets up to 30
Fewer, equal & more with pictures, fewer, equal & more mixed.
  • Describe numbers from 1 to 9 using 5 as a benchmark
Benchmark 5.


  • Attributes of length, weight and capacity.
Long and Short; Light and Heavy; Holds more or less; Tall and Short.


ul> Identify Basic Shapes Level I; Identify Basic Shapes Level II; Identify Solid Fiures. Which is the same?; Which is different; Same and different Mix; sort by color; Inside/Outside; Left/Right/Middle; Top/Middle/Bottom; Above/Bellow.

Data Analysis

  • Data and Graphs.
Reading graphs; Making Graphs.
  • More or Less likely?
More likely; Less Likely;
When your child has mastered their Kindergarten Skills, check out what First grade skills they will study!

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