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Who is this site for?

Printable Math worksheets is a website for parents who wish to tutor their elementary students in basic math. You will find information to perhaps refresh your memory on a subject in our Math Theory section as well as suggestions on how you can explain the topic to your child. What you should do before you go any further is have a clear picture of the Specific Grade Level Skills your child must accomplish.

I also provide the printables your child will need to practice their new found knowledge. I offer everything the parent needs, and everything the student needs to learn math in an enjoyable and organized way.

Math is a living subject, used in all our lives every day. It surrounds us, whether we recognize it or not.  Geometry in architecture and tessellations in bathroom tile patterns are some examples.  And don't forget the Golden Rule appearing in art and the structure of different shells!

Printable Math Worksheets for the student.

Perhaps doing some math projects dealing with the everyday use of math will spur your childs interest. Interest leads to math knowledge, and knowledge leads to math confidence. And well, confidence can lead you wherever you want to go!

Although knowing about the mathematicians behind K6 math, is not a requirement for your kid, information about them may help to develop an interest in math. This is why I created Mathematician Biographies, along with related activities for these amazing men and women for your children to use. It is important for students of all ages to know there are real people behind the numbers and formulae! If you are visiting this site because you are embarking on the exciting adventure of tutoring your child, be sure to visit the parent center.

Does your child cringe when they hear the word Math? Well disguise it using two simple words - board games, or perhaps crossword puzzles!  Math can be so much fun when you use games and puzzles to teach it. Your Friday evenings will never be the same again!

Printable worksheets for parents and tutors.

This site also offers parent focused information such as how to determine what style of learning your child prefers? If you don't, you may waste much time and effort! If your child is a visual learner, can you think of a way to SHOW them why a negative number multiplied by a negative number is positive? This is the type of information you will get here. You will also have access to organization material such as scheduling, a plan of action, commitment agreements, tracking documents etc.  Hopefully everything you need to keep you organized and on track, so your main focus can remain on helping your kid!

Printable math worksheet sections.

I have divided this site into four main sections to make everything as easily accessible as possible.  These are:

  • Printable worksheets by type
  • Printables by Subject Area
  • Printables by Grade Level
  • Printables for the Home Tutor

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This site offers Printable Math Worksheets that both parents and students alike need. It is however a work in progress. I am adding new and interesting worksheets on a regular basis, for all the grade levels between kindergarten and sixth grade.

I encourage you to subscribe to my blog, so you don't miss any of them! I hope you find all the Printable Math Worksheets you need here. However, if there is a worksheet that you would like to see here, that isn't here - please, just send me a note requesting it, using the contact link at the top of the page.

Your feedback is important to me, and will help me create the best possible printable math worksheets resource (for parents and students alike) on the net!

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