Printable Mazes offer a creative way to train your mind for mathematics.

Printable Mazes are a great activity to pull out of your bag of tricks on those days when you hear the dreaded words .... "I'm bored!"

Though, not strictly math of course, I have put many here, because the simple process of linear thinking and focus that is required to solve maze puzzles are exactly what are required to be a successful math student ... (training the habit of perseverance doesn't hurt either!)

What will a child gain from completing mazes?

One never knows.  Other than training their brain to problem solve, perhaps by introducing your child to mazes, you may inspire them to do a little more research themselves - into the history of mazes, and the history of the different cultures around the world where mazes and labyrinths are found - including ancient Greek, Roman, Norwegian and American Indians in Arizona.

Printable Mazes by Theme

Crazy Maze

Monkey Maze

Celtic Maze

Egg Maze

Halloween Maze

Logic Maze

Preschool Maze

Chess Mazes

Christmas Maze

Monster Maze

Pyramid Maze

Sunflower Maze

Valentine day mazes

Thanksgiving Mazes

St Patrick's Day Maze

Grizzly Maze

If you work through these and are on the lookout for more beautiful mazes - check out  You can print some more free mazes, or learn how to create your own!  Have fun.

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