Dot to Dot

Dot to dot printables are a wonderful way of giving your kids a fun way to reinforce their current number knowledge and literacy.

Kids have fun connecting the dots while seeing an image appear at the end, which they can then chose to color or leave as is.

When are dot to dot printables used?

Most people seem to give dot to dot pages to the much younger children when learning the concept of natural numbers or skip counting.  But I don't see why they can't be used later in the elementary education years, to reinforce other numbers.  This is why you will also find printable fraction dot to dots, Roman Numeral dot to dots and many others.

Choosing your dot to dot printables.

You can select these worksheets from the lists below.  They are available either by 'theme' where you will get a certain number of pictures, created with different number types.

Or you can chose by number type, which will give you a larger selection of pictures.

Which ever you chose, I am sure you will find printables to suite whichever numbers you elementary student is currently working on.

Printable Dot to Dots by Theme


Teddy Bear










Geometric Patterns

Dot to Dot Printables by Number Type

1 - 10 dot to dot

1 - 100 dot to dot

1 - 50 dot to dot

Count by 2's

Count by 5's

Count by 10's

Fractions dot to dots

Prime numbers

Composite numbers

Roman numerals

Perfect Squares

Perfect Cubes

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