Algebra Tiles

Algebra Tiles are a must when starting to explore the basic concepts of algebra and pre-algebra. It is always a good idea to write the algebraic statement while 'creating' the statement with tiles.  This will help your student make the connections between algebra in picture form and algebra in a text format.

Printable Algebra Tiles

algebra tiles

These printable algebra tiles are plain white with a black outline.  They also have the appropriate unit indicator on them.

To ensure algebra tiles do their job for your kid properly, it is necessary to have the negative tiles on a very different color - traditionally red.

Algebra tiles are very easy to use, but everything is easy when you know how ... right?  Well, if you have never used algebra tiles before - I highly recommend visiting this excellent power point presentation, explaining all that can be done with these, simple yet effective math manipulatives.

Consider This ...

You will notice on the video that there are moments when a tile must be flipped to indicate a mathematical 'sign' change.

A really great idea, is to make your algebra tiles useable on two sides.  Back each positive unit with a negative 'red' of the equivalent unit.  This way, when your kid flips a 'positive X' they will immediately see a '- X' and vice versa!

I feel this is better than 'swapping out a tile' to change the signs.  In math, we are not swapping anything, we change the sign through multiplication, and it is very important that your student understands this.

I hope you enjoy these printable algebra tile manipulatives.  Please take the time to explore all that this site has to offer.

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