Lowest Common Multiple

The Lowest Common Multiple of two or more numbers is the smallest multiple common to all numbers.  It is sometimes referred to as the least common multiple and is also abbreviated to LCM.  Be sure your child is familiar with the abbreviation as it is used often!

Steps to finding the Lowest Common Multiple

To find the LCM of a group of numbers you follow these simple steps:

Start with the largest number and write down its first three or four multiples.

Write the multiples of all your other numbers, stopping when you write the first multiple that also exists for your first (largest) number.  This is your lowest common multiple.

Write your answer as: LCM = (your chosen number).

Example: What is the LCM of 24 & 6?

Step 1:

Find the first 3 or 4 multiples of 24 (our highest number).

1 x 24 = 24

2 x 24 = 48

3 x 24 = 72

Step 2:

Find multiples of 6, stopping when we write the first of 24's multiples.

1 x 6 = 6

2 x 6 = 12

3 x 6 = 18

4 x 6 = 24

Stop here, as 24 is a multiple of 24, and we have now also found it to be a multiple of 6.

Answer: The LCM of 6 and 24 is 24

Ensure you get enough practice at finding the Lowest Common Multiple of sets of numbers.  Also, explore the rest of what Printable Math Worksheets has to offer - we are open 24/7!

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