Mixed Numbers

Mixed numbers are exactly as their name implies.  They are a mix of different types of numbers; a whole number and a rational number.

They are written in the form:

Be very careful with these.  They are a combination of two numbers.  'To Combine' means to 'put together'.  

These numbers are in fact added, we just leave out the '+' symbol.  

Think of what you say when you verbalize this number:

You should have said,

"Two and a half".

AND in mathematics always means ADDITION. Don't be afraid to put in the addition symbol when asked to solve mixed number problems, if it helps.

What must your student know?

There are four skills an elementary student must have when dealing with these numbers. They must know how to:

  1. Add Mixed Numbers
  2. Subtract Mixed Numbers
  3. Multiply Mixed Numbers and
  4. Divide Mixed Number

Because each of these skills are so important, and require a lot of space to explain, I have devoted a page to each.  Simply click on whichever one you wish to concentrate on right now.

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