Know Their Learning Styles

And Experience Successful Home Tutoring

What learning style does your child gravitate towards?  Perhaps they have a combination of learning styles. Why is it important for you to be aware of their style of learning? How to determine which printable math worksheets are most suitable for you and your child's home tutoring sessions?

Making the decision to home-school your child is a big one. Whether full time, or as a supplement to mainstream elementary education, it is important to have a plan of action.

Knowing your child’s learning style will allow you to offer them the most appropriate math material.  This in turn will help them with their elementary math knowledge quickly.  Printable math worksheets are essential to your childs success with math, as they offer the critical element of math practice. However, if your child does not understand the material, they could very well be practicing incorrect methods or worse still, simply be going through motions without any comprehension.

If your child is struggling with math, it may simply be because it has not been explained in a way that suits their style of learning.  When a teacher is faced with twenty plus students in a classroom environment, this is understandable – however of little comfort to the struggling student.

Establish your child's Learning Style

Learning styles are the method of receiving and processing information that a person favors.

There are four known styles of learning.

Visual – often this student teaches themselves to read.

Auditory – prefers verbal instructions or want to discuss instructions.

Tactile – They prefer action stories, but are generally not interested in reading.

Social – Depend on joint projects, however need individual attention.

Establish your child's preferred Method of receiving information

As well as knowing your child's leaning style, also be aware that a child will favor the organization of material in one of four ways. Know which one your child gravitates towards.

1. Concrete – Sequential… Highly systematic and function best with clearly defined steps.
2. Abstract – Sequential … These students may tend to over – analyze.
3. Concrete – Random … Do not like explaining how they got the answer.
4. Abstract – Random … Decide with their hearts not their heads.

Take the next step

By taking the time to familiarize yourself with your childs preferred method of learning, and their preferred method of receiving the information, your tutoring sessions will be a lot of fun for both of you.

Armed with this information, choosing the right math practice sheets from our printable math worksheets area should be straight forward. There are many more tutoring hints and tips in our tutoring section.

Math is fun. And fun leads to your child wanting more. This will cycle into an upward spiral on the beautiful journey of mathematical learning. The alternative is the downward spiral often resulting in math anxiety.

Moving forward should be plain sailing!

Do you remember back to your school days? I am sure you, like any other person, had subjects you loved and subjects you dreaded. I am guessing the subjects you loved, you were good at, and it probably came relatively easy to you; and the dreaded ones … well, enough said!

“Everything is easy, when you know how!”

Once you have established your child's learning style, tutor them accordingly and give them plenty of opportunity to practice, your child will find math easy, because they will know how to do it!

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