Multiplying Mixed Numbers

When multiplying mixed numbers, there are many fraction skills being put to use.  Ensure your child is proficient in these skills before continuing.

Once you are confident your kid can manage all these tasks effortlessly, then it is time to take a look at multiplying mixed numbers.

Multiplying Mixed Numbers

I am going to use the format of working through a specific problem. On the left hand side you will see the actual problem being worked out, with the center column holding comments with regards to what was done.  The right hand column holds the algebraic interpretation of what is occurring.  An elementary grade student is not expected to be experienced in this level of algebraic expressions - but it's fun for them.

Multiplication problem

Represent whole numbers as improper fractions using the denominator of their attached fractions.

Tidy up by adding what you can. Your problem is now simply multiplying fractions.

Multiply the numerators, and multiply the denominators. Your result will be an improper fraction.

Write your fraction as a mixed number.

Reduce the fraction component of your mixed number, if required.

Multiplying mixed numbers is not too complicated, but your child will be miserable if they have to think long and hard about the more basic skills like adding and multiplying fractions or whole numbers.  Ensure they are strong in what they have already studied.  Push for perfection, not speed.  Speed will come, but the last thing you want, is for them to get fast at something wrong!

Multiplying Mixed Numbers is part of my Fractions Section.  Please feel free to explore more great explanations if you need them.

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