Adding Mixed Numbers

When adding mixed numbers, there are quite a few fraction skills being used.  Your child must be comfortable with these skills before attempting to add mixed numbers.

Once you are confident your student is comfortable with these skills it's time to move on.

Adding Mixed Numbers Step by Step

Two Mixed Numbers to be added.

 Write fractions in expanded form.

Rearrange to add both whole numbers and both fractions. At this point we can add the whole numbers but not the fractions

By finding the common denominator of the fractions, we rewrite equivalent fractions, sharing the same denominator.

We can now add the fractions.

If your result is an improper fraction convert it to a mixed number.

Write your answer as a mixed number.

And that is all there is to it.  Of course this skill has to be practiced, over and over again.  Feel free to print off some adding mixed numbers worksheets for this. 

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