Rules for Radicals

Follow these, and you are free of all problems when calculating with radical numbers

When you know the Rules for Radicals that must be followed, simplifying radicals will become so much easier for any student.  

Bellow I simply list these rules for reference purposes.  If you need specific help dealing with calculations on radicals, use the much more detailed pages on radical numbers.

Rules for Radicals

The root of, (a by b) is equal to the root of a by the root of b.

The root of, (a over b) is equal to the root of a over the root of b.

The square root of a, multiplied by the square root of a, is equal to a

The square root of a plus the square root of b all multiplied by the The square root of a minus the square root of b equals a - b

Know these rule.  Print them.  Put them on your wall, put them in a math facts binder, make a book mark of them and put them in your math book.  You need to know these rules for radicals.

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