Convert all your board games in your house into Math Games!

Convert all your board games in your house into Math Games!

Does this scenario sound familiar?

It is Friday night.  You realize your child needs time to relax after a week of school.  You also truthfully know, you don't want to go through yet another battle with them, about homework and study.

How can you possibly have them put in extra time into math, when they 'just don't get it' or 'just don't like it'?

Make them like it!  And no, I don't mean force it on them.

When I became a parent, I very quickly learned how to 'manipulate' situations, so everyone (not only thought) but did get their own way. Some people don't like this approach, but it has worked for me!  Now that my son is older, I am applying this approach to school also.  Learning can be done through many mediums, the most successful I feel, is simply spending time with your child and talking to them. Playing a board game as a family is a great way to do this!

So how do I translate this into math board games?

Recently I wanted my son to do some addition problems just to keep what he already knows fresh in his head.  He had other ideas!  He wanted to play Shoots and Ladders! I was just about to launch into my parental role of telling him how important it was to keep on top of all his subjects, when a great idea jumped into my head!  I said yes to the game of Shoots and Ladders, as long as he promised we could have another game the following night!

The promise was made, the game was played (he won), and the bedtime routine was complete.  I then set to work.  I created these great  Addition Cards.

When I hit the print button, every board game we own that uses dice, suddenly transformed into math games!

The following evening we Discarded the Dice

It was time to play Shoots and Ladders mommy style!

We replaced the dice with the addition cards.  Instead of throwing the dice, we chose the next card from the stack!

 We had great fun and got in his math practice!  And just for the curious, yes he won that game also!

The Cards

These cards contain a mix of math problems containing numbers from 1 to 12.

They will help to improve your child's,

  • math facts recollection,
  • number placement,
  • mental math skills and
  • As they contain a mix of column sums and word problems they will also assist with math comprehension and critical thinking.,

Print Your Cards

Print your own Free Math Games Addition Cards here.

More great math games ideas will be coming soon, so keep an eye on this page.

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