Fraction Circles

Fraction circles are an excellent way to show your visual learner fraction concepts. I use fraction circles in most of my fraction lessons.

I have created two sets of circles for your use. The first set is black and white, and only the outline as well as the fractions indicated.

Set 2, is the same as set one, but in color.

Printable Fraction Circles

Click on the image of the set you wish to print, to be taken to the Pdf Download.

This 3 page Printable Pdf File, contains fraction circles (4 circles to a page), ranging from 1 Whole to twelfths.

Each circle is a different color, which is very useful when teaching the concepts of equivalent fractions, mixed numbers and improper fractions.

This document is also a 3 page Printable Pdf file, containing fraction circles ranging from 1 Whole to twelfths.

I highly recommend having each fraction type a different color for the reasons I outline above. If you want to print these, to save color ink, please consider having your student color each circle BEFORE cutting them into their fraction pieces!

You can choose to mix and match these manipulatives, as the circles in both sets are the same size.

You'll probably need quite a number of these manipulatives, so print off a few sets. Also, consider printing them on heavy stock paper or light card, to increase their longivity.

Consider this.

Fraction circles are a very heavily used manipulative during the process of learning elementary education. These manipulative, by their very nature, will be picked up, pushed around, twisted, turned .... everything imaginable.  the 'center points' of the fraction pieces get tatty very quickly!

I highly recommend making these as durable as possible.  Once you have printed them out, consider gluing them to very heavy card, construction board, or even magnetic paper.

Just remember, it is important that the firmer surface is cut exactly the same size as the fraction pieces .... cut the fraction pieces after gluing to the firmer surface of your choice.

Storing your Fraction Circles

You will use these fraction circles again and again.  Consider having a special box (or container of some kind) for math manipulatives.  That way you will always know where to get them, when needed.

I store mine in little bags, storing the 1Whole, 1/2, and 1/4's together - and then a separate bag for the other fractions. (It gets a little annoying to separate them before each use!)

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