Use this list of 2nd Grade Skills to access all the printable math worksheets your students need for second grade math.

2nd Grade Skills are important to master.  They truly are setting the tone for 3rd grade, which could possibly be your childs first experience of standardized testing by the school system.  For these types of tests, knowing the answer is not enough!  Your second grade math student must know how they got the answer, and have the ability to communicate the steps involved both verbally and written.

These Grade Level Expectations are organized by basic math subject area for 2nd Grade, based on Washington States OSPI.  If you would rather have a basic math skills requirements list organized by subject area, that includes every requirement from Kindergarten to 6th grade in one downloadable document please visit my Grade Level Expectations section.

2nd Grade Skills by Subject Area


  • Order and compare numbers to 1,000, using the signs <, > , =
  • Solve basic word problems
  • Write and solve simple equations in the form of  _____ - 9 = 7; 7 + ____ = 16; 4 x _____ = 8

Numbers and Operations

  • Count by ones forward and backward from 1 - 120 starting at any number. Count by 2's 5's and 10's to 100
Count to 30; Count to 100; Count by 2's; Count by 5's; Count by 10's.
  • Name the number one less or one more - up to 120
Counting forward and backward mix (by 1)
  • Order objects/events using Ordinal numbers
Ordinal Numbers
  • Recognize numerals from 0 to 1000
0 - 50; 51 - 100; 101 - 500; 501 - 1000
  • Write, compare and order numbers to 120
On the number line; Comparing numbers to 10; Compare numbers to 120; Put numbers in order.
  • Group numbers into Tens and Ones
Up to 30; 100 Number Chart
  • Count by 2's, 5's and 10's
Skip Count by 2 with pictures; Skip Count by 2 to 100; Skip Count by 2 using Charts; Skip Count by 5 with pictures; Skip count by 5 to 100; Skip Count by 5 using Charts; Skip Count by 10 with pictures; Skip Count by 10 to 100; Skip Count by 10 using Charts.

  • Classify Numbers as Odd or Even
Identify Even or Odd; Which Even or Odd comes Before or After?
  • Addition and Subtraction
Addition with pictures; Subtraction with pictures; Addition word problems; Subtraction word problems; Addition and subtraction terms.
Represent Addition on the number line; Represent Subtraction on the number line.
Demonstrate the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction - Fact Families; Complete the number sentence.
  • Add three 1 digit numbers, using commutative and associative properties of addition
Adding three numbers; Word problems
  • Quick recall of addition fact to 10 and subtraction facts for sums to 18
Addition facts; Subtraction facts


  • Use non standard units to measure length, weights and capacities
Chose an appropriate unit of length; Length word problems.
Chose an appropriate unit of weight; Compare and convert cups, pints and quarts
  • Name days of the week and months of the year
Days of the week; Months of they Year; Read a Calendar.


  • Compare and sort 2D and 3D figures according to geometric attributes
Count sides and vertices; Count edges, vertices and faces; Compare sides and vertices; Open and Closed shapes.
  • Identify and name 2D shapes, including real world applications
2D Shpaes; 3D Shapes; Everyday objects.
  • Combine and divide known shapes into other shapes.
Link between planar and 3D shapes.

Data Analysis

  • Represent Data using Tallies, tables, pictures, and bar graphs
Recording Data; Which graphical representation is correct?; Word Problems
When your child has mastered their 2nd Grade Skills, check out what Third grade skills they will study! And don't forget to head over to our home page! Here you will find great resources to help you tutor your child, such as manipulatives, board games, math puzzles and activities!

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