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Online math tutor hints and tips is for anyone who wishes to tackle the task of tutoring their child at home.  The fact is that being a math tutor for your child is not a difficult thing to do.  You may be visiting this site just to print off a few extra things for your child to do - maybe practice sheets for a specific skill.  Or you may feel your kid is capable of doing more than they are being offered at school, so you want to give them material that challenges them a little more.  These are great reasons to be here and avail of the free printable worksheets I have to offer.

But, what if you are a parent with a child who is starting to struggle with math at school?  You are in the right place also!

How do you approach becoming your childs math tutor?

It is actually not as daunting a task as you might imagine, but there is one thing that you have to commit to.  You have to know if (when) you should stop, and get professional help.  And you will know!  If you child isn't 'getting it' there is a lot of stress and anxiety, if it's starting to affect the relationship you have with your child.  These are all excellent warning signs.  Don't take it personally - I know teachers who were unable to tutor their kids, yet their kids thrived under another tutors direction.

So with that said and done, what is it you should do, and where do you start.  Below I have a list of things you should consider, with a brief description.  Consider visiting each of these areas to get a lot more information about them.

Free Online Math Tutor Information and Documents

Learning Style

You should know better than anyone how your child actually learns.  There are specific learning styles.  Kenisthetic, visual and audio.  We all normally use all these stryles of learning, but each of us tend to favor one style over another.  I personal am a visual learning.  I need to see images with the text I am reading to truly 'picutre' what is being taught.  Read a little more about this to see what will best suit your child.

Grade Level Expectations

Know what your school system actually expects your child to have mastered for their grade.


Establish exactly what it is you want your child to learn, create a step by step (realistic) program to follow, and stick to it.


Many of us (and our children) have busy lives.  Don't make your math tutoring a punishment.  That is - don't insist your child give up an activity they love to do this at home.  Chose a time that works for both of you, and schedule it - just as you would if you were taking them to a tutoring center.  These appointments with your child are as important as their dentist visit!

Communicate with your childs teacher

Teachers are a wealth of information.  They generally have 25 - 30 kids in their class rooms - they can't TUTOR a child in this situation.  That being said, they will probably be more than happy to direct you to some great resources of help and guidance.  Talk to them and let them know what you are planning, and that you would appreciate input from them.

Make Math Fun

Home tutoring does not have to be Victorian Style - stick in hand - drilling your kid.  It can be a lot of fun.  Make math fun!  Not all the time as the novelty will wear off - but sometimes. I have printable board games, puzzles, mazes and more.  These resources are online - math tutor or parent, please feel welcome to avail of them.

Know the material

This is the part that worries most parents.  You DO KNOW what your child needs to know, and you CAN teach them.  Now, that being said, you may not know everything, but when you are tutoring, you really only have to stay two steps ahead of your student!  Visit the math section, and refresh your memory on some basic mathematics you will be teaching them.

Diet and Nutrition

YES, it does make a difference to your childs' ability to settle their brain, do their work, stay focused etc.


If you or your kid is exhausted, believe me, your tutoring session will be the most frustrating, unproductive time in your day.  Both of you should b e well rested.

Tracking Documents

It is important for both you and your child to see that improvements are being made. These online math tutor documents are free for you to print and use. Make sure you keep track of everything and ........

Celebrate the achievements!

This can be as simple as a high five when something finally 'clicks' or the promise of a very special treat (trip to the zoo) when a huge achievement is made.  Whatever you decide upon - make sure it works, and no excuses when it comes time to 'pay up'!

Whether you work mainly offline or online, math tutor extras are available everywhere.  All you have to do is access them!

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