Use a Multiplication Array to teach your child multiplication concepts.

A Multiplication Array is simply a number of symbols ordered in neat rows and columns. When offering your children these arrays, simply speak to them about what is going on.  Also ask them to think of the multiplication symbol having the meaning of "rows of".  This way, when your child thinks of 3 x 5, they will think of 3 rows of 5.

This method does go hand in hand with the 'grouping' method of teaching multiplication.  These two methods are similar, yet different.

My aim with this site, is to offer you as many different methods of explaining mathematical concepts, and giving you enough printable worksheets to go along with what your child is studying.

Multiplication Array Worksheets

Here is a full set of multiplication array problems for you to offer your child.

Please remember, though, these should be used for multiplication practice, then you should move on to teaching them multiplication facts until these are known inside out!

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