Is Dividing Monomials stumping your child?

Read this page to clear up any difficulties!

Dividing monomials is a skill all students must learn to master.  It is in fact the exact process involved in  multiplying monomials

Be sure your child is both comfortable and competent in this skill first. Also, please ensure they know how to identify the different parts of monomials before continuing.

The Steps involved in Dividing Monomials

  1. Apply your knowledge of commutative and associative properties of arithmetic.
  2. Divide Coefficients
  3. Divide Exponents by subtracting exponents.

Problems with Exponents

Do NOT continue unless your child fully understands how to deal with Exponents!  Start at the very beginning of Basic Algebra.

Worked Examples of Dividing Monomials

Example 1

  1. Apply commutative and associative properties.
  2. Divide Coefficients
  3. Divide the Exponents by subtracting the indices.

Example 2

Apply commutative and associative properties.

Divide Coefficients

Divide Exponents by subtracting indices

Apply Laws of Exponents to tidy up your answer.

As you can see, when it comes to dividing monomials it is simply a case of applying the laws of arithmetic you already know and applying the laws of exponents.  

However, if there is a weakness in either of these areas, algebra is just going to get more confusing, frustrating and HARD!  

Make sure the basics are completely understood!

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