Use Grade Level Expectations to create your tutoring plan of action

Becoming familiar with your childs Grade Level Expectations is the best way for you to establish whether they are on track or not.  Knowing what it is that they are to cover each year in elementary school means you can keep an eagle eye on them. 

Many times, when a child starts to falter in elementary math, it is simply because just one or two little concepts were not grasped.

Todays school system tendency to not have children carry text books to and from school makes it difficult on everyone; (just my humble opinion).  I don't like the fact that I can't flick through a book to see what it is they have just covered in school. 

Not having a book, makes it difficult for the parent to check that their child is doing okay.  It also makes it difficult on the older student, who is more than likely aware that they just 'didn't get' what was done in school, but they have no text to revisit the skill.

Seeing the breakdown of what they must learn in tiny fragments, will help you easily identify these small problem areas, and quickly help your child rectify them.

Grade Level Expectations

I have created a free download for parents below, which can simply be used as a guide to what your child is working on.  If you are homeschooling or simply doing extra work with your kid, you can use it as a tracking document.  This way you know you wont have missed an all important skill.

Grade Level Expectations Tracking Booklet

This Grade Level Expectations booklet has all the skills and elementary school math student (Kindergarten through Grade 6) need to achieve.

The skills are ordered in subject area, with a reference to the grades that skill is taught.  This makes it easy for you to work backwards or forwards on the skill list, to ensure your child is learning the right skill at the right time.

Remember, the sequence skills are approached, within a subject, is very important, as each skill will need to be mastered before the next can be learned and understood. 

Click on the image to access the document.

I hope you enjoy this free resource.  If however you do not wish to print off this document, you can view the grade level skills on each of the following pages.

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