Skill Builders increase speed and proficiency of arithmatic facts

When it comes to using skill builders, unfortunately, there really isn't much fun involved for our kids.  Having said that, there is also no fun moving up grade levels in elementary school, and still struggling to recall these facts while also trying to learn new information.

Having the ability to complete a 100 Fact, fact sheet in four minutes or less, with accuracy, ensures that as your child moves on in their elementary math careers, they will not have to 'think' about their facts - they will just recall them with automation.

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Why are math Skill Builders so important?

Mathematics is described as a 'Universal Language'.  Show a math equation to a person without abilities in your language, and they will be able to complete the question, because math is the language being used.

Since this is the case - one could use the analogy of our digits being 'the alphabet' with math facts being the basic phonic sounds.  Now, can you imagine trying to teach a third grader their reading if they never learned how to 'sound out' their words? It would be very stressful for all involved.

Your child has to know their math facts as well as they recognize the alphabet and know how to form words.

Use the list below to get the printables you need to help your kid.  Each link takes you to a new page, with many options of printables available.

Free Printable Math Facts Speed Skill Builders

Consider this!

As your child completes these worksheets, have them record the date and their speed on the sheet.  They will enjoy seeing their progress.  You could also have them compile the data in graph form.  You will find many tracking documents in the section for Parents/Tutors.

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