Introduce your child to geometry terms with the ten digits of pi

Pi is one of the unsolved wonders of the math world.  The first of geometry terms your child will learn that has a symbol attached to it. As of yet, even though pi has been calculated to billions of decimal places – it is unsolved.  It seems this is appropriate, as pi is used in circle calculations.  And circles, as we know, have no beginning or end!

The pi symbol is the seventeenth letter of the Greek alphabet and also stands for the number 80. It can be written as two vertical lines with a wavy line connecting them on top!

The value of Pi

The value of pi is 22/7 but is commonly written as 3.14.  It is however good to know it in the more expanded form of ten digits, which are 3.141592653. 

Pi Memorization

So how can you help your child memorize Pi, this ten digit number?  Use a mnemonic.

A mnemonic (pronounced as though the ‘m’ is not written) is simply a list of words that can help jog your memory.

I love this mnemonic, as it is an excellent statement for students on its own without any other value! 

‘For I Know I Chose Knowledge To Attain Life’s Joy.’

So how does this assist with Pi Memorization?

Count the number of letters in each word!

3 1 4 1 5 9 2 6 5 4

All your child has to remember is to insert the decimal point between 3 and 1.


I wish I could lay claim to this great method of remembering the first ten digits of pi, however I can not.  I found this mnemonic in a great book: Math Wizardry for Kids - (Kenda, Williams - New York, Baron’s; 1995).

This book is not only a great way to introduce your child to geometry terms, but has many great fun mathematical activities for all areas of kids elementary math! 

I am sure it is available at your local library, and is well worth checking out!

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