Monomials have already been introduced to your child - actually in Kindergarten - they were just not given this mathematical term to use back then!  The number 2 is a monomial, as is any other number your child has already used.  

When your child was learning multiplication, and were being asked questions such as "two times what equals six?" the "two times what .." or 2X is a monomial!  But of course there is a little more to the definition!

Definition of a Monomial

Monomials are a one-term expression.  It can be as simple as a constant (a number) or the product of a constant and one or more variables.

The variables in a monomial can only be raised to whole number exponents.

Example of Monomials

How to label a Monomial

Knowing the specific terms attached to each 'part' of a monomial is essential to further success in algebra.  These terms, from here on out, will be in constant use in explanations, algebraic rules and formula.

Do not introduce your child to any other algebra until these official mathematical terms are known.  Remember, math is a language onto itself - your child needs to know the vocabulary to speak the language!

Operating upon Monomials

Once you are comfortable with what a monomial is, and know the specific algebraic vocabulary attached to it, it is time to learn how to perform:

  1. addition
  2. subtractraction
  3. multiplication and
  4. division on monomials.

I deal with each of these separately.

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