Divisoion Facts Worksheets

Having your child practice their division facts (as well as addition subtraction, and multiplication) is essential to their success in elementary mathematics.

Jump from strategies to recall!

It can be difficult for some kids to make the 'jump' from how they have 'learned' their facts to how they should 'do' their facts.  Most kids today are learning their facts with full comprehension, (not simply rote learning).  And rightly so!  

However making the leap from using 'strategies' to figure out a problem to 'total recall' is frustrating for some.  You simply have to work with them, and as un-fun as it may seem, doing sheets of math facts or using division flash cards is the way to go.

Introduce slowly

Introduce your kids to math facts slowly.  Have them work on the 20 per page options first.  Don't time them.  They don't need to feel stress over this.  But a good idea is to have them speak the problem as they do it. When they see 10/2, and they simply write 5, progress will be slow. Having them vocalize, "10 divided by 2 = 5" will speed up the process.  

At every opportunity when learning any subject, the ideal solution is to "Hear it, Say it, Do it" and then repeat, over and over again!

When they start getting very comfortable with the 20 per page - move them on to 100 problem sheets.

Printable Division Facts Worksheets.

I have two different sets of worksheets for you to print.

20 Problems per page and 100 problems per page.

All worksheets present the division facts in traditional algorithm form  (vertically).

I hope you (and your kid) will find these division facts worksheets helpful.  When ready, don't hesitate in getting your hands on all the other great printable math facts worksheets  available.

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