Tangram or Easter Egg?

Using an egg tangram is a lot of fun.  Many kids these days are very familiar with the square tangram. 

These can be used as a simple toy - moving the pieces around to create new shapes.  But after a while, if your child hasn't yet 'graduated' to the mathematics behind the tangram, they can become a little boring.

So, what's a parent to do?

Don't worry - I've got you covered.  There are so many different tangrams for you and your kids to discover, but here, I will give you a quick peak into the Magic Egg Tangram - then - print it out and start creating your own.

This one is nice - a little like a swan .. however you can see it didn't work out perfectly as the curve on the back of this tangram-chick seems a little odd!

I like this tangram chick - tall and proud!

How can you make your own Magic Egg Tangram?

Click on the image to the left.  This will open a pdf file that you are free to print.

This is a two page document.  Page 1 has 4 eggs on it, and page 2 has one large egg.

The pdf has been created using just the outline of the shape.  This save a considerable amount of printer ink!  And besides, who am I to say what is beautiful - you and your kids know what you like.

So, if your child would like these in color - I would suggest encouraging your child to color the eggs BEFORE printing, or - print on colored paper or scrap booking paper of your choice.  I would suggest using card, as these shapes get picked up and moved around a lot!

So - how many chicks can you make?

A lot!  That's the simple answer.  I do have an image of a solution that was printed in an Irish Newspaper about 20 years ago.  You can print both the tangram and solution here.

Egg Tangram

If you want to explore tangrams in depth please head over to mathematische-basteleien.de - they have the best page on many different types of tangrams, and all the math people beyond elementary school level could want!

A little something fun in an Easter Basket

If you do celebrate Easter, and if you tend to make Easter Baskets for your kids, or hand out little Easter Treats to your kids classmates - try giving them these print outs.  I did this once, years ago for my sons (at the time) 3rd grade class.  The kids really enjoyed them.  I simply printed off the sheet of tangram eggs, and some of the possible solutions, rolled them together in a 'scroll' and tied up with a little ribbon! 

I'm not sure who enjoyed them the most - my sons class mates or their parents?

Egg Tangram

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