Addition & Subtraction Facts Mixed

Having your child practice their addition facts and their subtraction facts is essential.  But you don't stop there.  The next stage is to offer mixed sheets of these facts.

Force Operation recognition.

Once your child has mastered both addition and subtraction facts to the recommended time of 100 problems in 4 minutes, it is time to start mixing it up a bit!

These sheets have BOTH addition and subtraction facts mixed up, so your child is forced to actually look at the operation being requested as well as the figures.

Introduce slowly

Introduce your kids to this mix slowly using the 20 per page options first. Don't time them.  They don't need to feel stress over this.  It is still a good idea to have them vocalize the math problem as they do it.

When they start getting very comfortable with the 20 per page - move them on to 100 problem sheets.

Printable Addition & Subtraction Mix Worksheets.

I have two different sets of worksheets for you to print.

20 Problems per page and 100 problems per page.

All worksheets present the math facts in traditional algorithm form  (vertically).

Addition & Subtraction Facts Mix - 20 per page.

Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5
Sheet 6 Sheet 7 Sheet 8 Sheet 9 Sheet 10

Addition & Subtraction Facts Mix - 100 per page.

Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5
Sheet 6 Sheet 7 Sheet 8 Sheet 9 Sheet 10

I hope you (and your kid) will find these mixed facts worksheets helpful.  When ready, don't hesitate in getting your hands on all the other great printable math facts worksheets  available.

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