Does an Auditory Learning Style Suit Your Child?

Use this word game to establish if your child uses the auditory learning style. How you can tailor your use of printable math worksheets to help your auditory learner with elementary math.

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This information will help you establish if your child receives information using an auditory learning style through a nice little word game. I list some of the characteristics of these children, and give you some methods of tailoring the use of printable math worksheets to maximize your math home schooling efforts.

A word game to establish if your child uses the auditory learning style

With this game, you say a word, and ask your child to say the first thing they think of. 

For example, you could use the word, DOG.

Some possible responses your child might offer are, HAIRY, BARK, BLACK, GENTLE, BIGHT.

Use words that have many possible replies.  Using a word like FABRIC is not a good word as there really is no possible auditory response for this.

Some words you may want to use.

Here are some more words you can use.


Make a list of about twenty words, play the game with your child, and write down their responses.

Review the answers

Review their answers.  If they give you mostly sound related answers such as 'BARK' for the above DOG example, then they are showing tendencies towards the auditory learning style.  

If they offer responses that you would ‘touch’ such as HAIRY then they are leaning more towards the Kinesthetic Style of learning. 

You can read more about all the different Learning Styles here.

Characteristics of Auditory Learning Kids

  • These children tend to require the phonics approach to learning how to read. 
  • They learn through hearing information, and like to talk problems through.
  • They like singing and humming!
  • They are easily distracted by music, people talking and noise in general.
  • On meeting a new person, they may have trouble remembering their face, however they will remember the name and the conversation they had.

How to tailor your tutoring approach

This child, as you have read, likes to hear the information, and they like to discuss it.  This approach will require a bit more effort on your behalf than say the visual learner.  Why?  Because you will have to focus on the material and your child for the duration of the tutoring session.  

  • Read the question.  If your child is reading, encourage them to read the question out loud. 
  • Use different words to explain the question if they don’t initially understand it.
  • On completion of the question talk about it! 
  • Ask them if they can come up with similar questions.
  • Have discussion on where this area of math may be used in real life.

Where to go from here?

A style of learning is the way your child predominantly receives information.  It is not the only way.  Most people use all four styles of learning.

However you must remember, that in our educational system, most examinations are written not oral. Your child must eventually know how to read and interpret information, generally in the silence of an exam hall. 

Don't only use one approach to tutoring your child.  Use all of them. Math questions can be presented using many different methods. 

If your child has math problems however, it is good to know that if you allow them to hear a clear explanation, and offer your undivided attention allowing your child to talk the problem through, children with an auditory learning style will benefit greatly.


If they see it, hear it and do it - they will ‘get it!

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