Perfect Squares Chart

A ‘Perfect Squares Chart’ is an excellent math manipulative to have for students at many levels of pre-algebra. If you know exactly how you want to use this, I have two options for you to chose from.

If you would like a few ideas, then continue reading below.

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List Style


This is in the style of a list.

First is the number to be squared, next, how that number is written with indices and lastly the value of the number squared. 

every other line is shaded simply for ease of reading.

Traditional 'Square' format


This is created in the more traditional style of a 100 number square, with the perfect square values shaded.

Why would you use a Perfect Squares Chart?

When a child is first learning the concept of perfect squares it is excellent to have these values available visually to them as a math chart.
When a student is learning to factorize numbers, this is an excellent ‘crutch’ initially.  While wrapping their minds around the concepts of the factorizing process itself, they will not have to use up lots of energy trying to recall these facts.

How does one use this chart?

A perfect squares chart can be used in many ways.

  • You can simply print it off and attach to the wall of a study area, just so these numbers have a ‘presence’.
  • You can put it with other valuable information in a math folder for easy access.  This way your student wont get into the habit of ‘wasting time’ looking for the answer or worse still – using the calculator for everything!
  • I like to laminate these charts and use them as place setting mats at the dining table. 

They (along with other math posters) are great conversation starters with the kids.  Kids are fascinated by math they haven’t been introduced to yet – so don’t wait until they need this, to have it available!

If you would like some more ....

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