Multiplying Fractions Problems Eliminated!

The Math that is assumed to be known to complete this section.

To successfully understand multiplying fractions, it is important that you don't start this section, 

unless your child is comfortable with the basic mathematics listed below.

What are you doing when you Multiply Fractions?

As with multiplication of whole numbers, when you are multiplying fractions, you are simply doing 'speed addition'.


Here you are being asked, "What is 1/2 added to itself 5 times?

A visual representation of the solution.


Treating the fraction as 'a thing' will always make it sound more natural.

What I mean by this statement is best explained by the different ways of verbalizing this question.

  • What is One divided by two multiplied by five?
  • What is one over two multiplied by 5?
  • What is one half multiplied by 5?

 Going with version 3 it almost  sounds like - "what is 'one thing' multiplied by 5?"

 This is the method I highly encourage you to use when teach your child. For this reason, it is really important that when you start to tutor your child, you encourage them to read their questions out loud, this way, you will hear how they are understanding the question!

The Facts and Rules of Multiplying Fractions


Saying this question as follows ....

Three quarters multiplied by 3 equals what?

Sounds very much like ...

Three 'things' multiplied by three equals what?

Well 3 x 3 = 9; so 3 quarters x 3 = 9 quarters.

Can we write 3 as a fraction? - YES - All integers can be written as a fraction of 1

So we can now rewrite the question as...

Multiply the numerators ...

3 x 3 = 9

Multiply the Denominators ..


4 x 1 = 4

This is the ONLY Fraction Multiplication formula your student needs to know.

By using this method of treating the fraction as a 'thing'to teach your kids - you are actually giving them a huge head start toward learning the basics of elementary algebra.

3 things x 3 easily translates to 

3X x 3 = ?

That's it.  If you like my approach to multiplying fractions, you may be interested in my other Fractoin Lessons or perhaps other great mini tutorials, in all areas of elementary mathematics, starting from Printable Math Worksheets Home Page

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