Printable Money

Using printable money is probably the best way to solidify the concepts of the US money system for your elementary math students. Money is only one of the five main areas of measurement your child needs to know.

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Printable Money

I have one Pdf File containing the Paper Notes and Coins your child needs to fully comprehend when mastering money!

Click on the image of the set you wish to print, to be taken to the Pdf Download.

This file of Printable Money contains denominations in US Currency.  It contains a sheet of coins and a sheet of notes.  If you only want to print one of the pages, when you are printing, set the demand to print page 1 (for coins only) and to print page 2 (for notes only).

Hopefully you can get exactly what you need here. If there is something very particular you are looking for, please don't hesitate to contact me.  I will do what I can to get you it.

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Consider this.

When you print off the coins, consider gluing them to harder card before cutting them out.  The idea for these is that they simulate 'real' money for your kid.  You want them being able to pick them up with ease and actually play with them! 

I have to admit for this reason, play money is a better option than printable coins any day, and you should be able to pick these up at most craft/game/toy stores.

Activities ideas for Printable Money

  • Play 'shop' with your little ones.
  • Play banking Games
  • Restaurant Games
  • Make a play 'check book'
  • Make a play 'lodgement and withdrawl' book.  (perhaps consider keeping track of allowance if you give your child one).

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