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Big Announcement to Celebrate
June 08, 2018

Big Announcement!

You haven't heard from me in quite a while, and I am sorry for this.

Actually, I believe it hasn't been since last summer. At the time I was creating an entire kit designed to prevent Summer Math Loss, it had everything a student should practice on a daily basis [well I thought it had everything].

The fact is, it didn't, and that is why I never let you know about it's completion, because I have only just completed.

Some really big changes.

This past year has been a whirlwind for my family. A lot of things happened which I am not going to go into, but it did include a trans-Atlantic move! - BIG CHANGE #1

BIG CHANGE #2 is that this year also brought an entire re-build of my website, which I hope you have had the time to explore. K6Math Home Page Whilst I was exploring Summer Math Loss and delving deeper and deeper into the topic, I cam across some research completed by HGSE that concluded: completing math practice only (which keeps math skills current) during the summer was not enough to stop Summer Math Loss.

What students are not getting during the summer is re-teaching material of concepts. Not only some of the concepts, ALL of them. So I got to work (along with rebuilding the site) and completed all of this material to go along with my Summer Math Loss Prevention Kit!

One small component of this kit is Just The Facts which I encourage you to download, as a sheet of math facts on a daily basis is the bare minimum a student should complete during the summer.

Then came the pricing.

I want to sell this Summer Math Loss Prevention Kit, of course, I need to make a living, but the price of $198.00 [though worth every cent] just doesn't sit well with me.

I never started this site to be a big 'seller', that's why all the material on my site [except for my book Brain Flexor] is free.

Roll on BIG CHANGE #3.

The purpose of what I do, is to help you create an Engaging, Effective and Enjoyable math journey for your child. And I have a LOT of ways to help you with that, but if I were to charge you for all of it through courses, it would start adding up very quickly, and that doesn't sit well with me. That's when the idea of BIG CHANGE #3 came to me, so I did it!

BIG CHANGE #3. Math Momentum Academy. A math membership site for PARENTS. You can explore all about it at: K6Math If on reading about the academy if you are interested in joining, please DON'T JOIN!

I am making an announcement in my Facebook Group K6MathCafe a Face Book group where communication is much easier and faster. I would love for you to join us there. It is currently a small group, but growing.

This announcement will be how you can join Math Momentum Academy for just $5 per month, and as long as you remain a member, this price will never change, AND immediately upon joining, the SUMMER MATH LOSS PREVENTION KIT will be available to you.

Many parents I speak to say that there is NO WAY they could get their child to do math every single day of the summer! I completely understand this. I'm a mom myself! But …..

I've got you covered!

Have you ever heard of Gamification? This is a method of encouraging an individual to complete a task they otherwise would not be inclined to do.

I have created an online video training of how you can use my Simple 5 Steps G.A.M.E.S. Method, to apply OFFLINE gamification techniques to ANY material [math or any other] that you would like your children to complete this summer.

You can Access the training here. Gamification Training Not only does my Summer Math Loss Prevention Kit include ALL the material you need, ready to print at the push of a button, but I have also 'gamified' the entire process for you! And it includes videos on how to 'tailor' the entire process for your child. No two children are the same after all.

So what should you do?

#1 - Check out the new website and specifically the Academy Page - DON'T JOIN!

#2 - Even if you don't think the Academy is a good fit for you, watch the Gamification Training to get some great ideas on how you can have your child completing math and asking for more during the summer.

#3 - If joining the Academy and getting immediate access to the Summer Math Loss Prevention Kit sounds like something you would like - join the Facebook Group. I will be letting everyone in there know how to avail of the CRAZY $5 per month membership in the next few days.

That's it for now. I hope you have an amazing, engaging, math filled summer.

Talk soon


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