Halloween Worksheets that will make your child laugh out loud!

Congratulations on making the decision to use Halloween worksheets. Printable math worksheets are an excellent source of practice and reinforcement for your child.

But why would using a themed math worksheet make a difference?

Well if your kids are anything like mine, different annual celebrations get them excited. There are some seasonal celebrations that seem to excite children more than others, and Halloween is one of them! There is so much fun, with the games, costumes, parties, candy and ‘trick or treating’ they just can’t contain themselves!

Well rather than try to contain this excitement – ad to it!

What if I told you, there is a way to have your children wanting to do more addition problems, every day? Would you believe me? Well I have the answer right here!

These Free printable math worksheets are designed to do just that.

All the worksheets are a separate joke sheet. Because numbers and operations is such a vital area for the K6 Student, I have concentrated on addition (at all levels). Each sheet has on average ten math addition questions, with the answer to each question having a corresponding letter. When all the questions are answered, and the letters are put into the corresponding spot, the punch line to a joke is revealed!

Your child will be adding faster than a calculator if they proceed through the different levels of worksheets!

They will have a repertoire of Halloween jokes that will be envied by all their class mates, and they will have had so much math practice without even realizing it!

So whether you are looking for 1st Grade math worksheets or 5th grade math worksheets, you will find them here. Level 1 - Halloween Worksheets
Level 2 - Halloween Worksheets

For an explanation of the different levels please go to our printable math worksheets section.
For some excellent hints & tips on how to help your child get ahead in math, please visit printable math worksheets Parents Resource.

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