Free Math Worksheets for your K-6 Student

This page is my index of free printable math worksheets, conveniently presented in PDF format, that you will find invaluable in your tutoring endeavours. 

To go directly to the Printable Math worksheets, just scroll down to the area you need! But first a short explanation.

I have created these printable math worksheets for your K6 student in three levels. 

Level 1 - Pre-K / Kindergarten through Grade 2

Level 2 - Grade 3 through Grade 4

Level 3 - Grade 5 through Grade 6

The reason I have designed my worksheets in this manner is because ..

A child who is aware that they are below their intended National Grade Level Expectation may become anxious about math in general. This can lead to math anxiety which in turn leads to serious problems for them later.

Equally upsetting is the child who is aware that they are at a higher standard than required.  This can develop the problem of not listening in class.  In turn leading to disruption.  The development of bad study habits and the chance of missing some vital information when the class moves into an area of math that is new to the student.

Another reason is that children tend to progress at different speeds in different areas of math.  A good example is my own son. Currently he has just completed Kindergarten.  He is adding three digit numbers with the use of manipulatives (which is grade 2/3 standard in numbers and operations) however he still has difficulty telling time (which is Kindergarten standard in measurement).

Only you know which areas your child needs to catch up, maintain, or move ahead with. Simply give your child math worksheets in each section at the level they are comfortable with, and progressively move through the different levels!  Before you know it, they will be at or above standard in every area!

With enough practice, your child will become more and more confident with their abilities in Math, and will require less and less homework help!

Level 1

Numbers and Operations

The importance of Numbers and Operations


More Printable Math Worksheets will be added regularly.

Count and Trace the Number

Count and write - set 1

Count and Match 1 to 5 - set 1

Count Circle and Write - Set 1

Halloween Theme - Addition (includes addition square)

Level 2

Halloween Theme - Addition

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