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"Why use themed math worksheets?"

Themed math worksheets give you the oportunity to show your child the applications of math in real life. All to often, math is seen as a subject independant of daily life. That math is just a load of numbers or problems, created to make a childs life miserable! This is, of course, not the case.

I am currently in the process of creating Thanksgiving math workbooks. These workbooks are designed so that children will first make different math calculations and use their answers to 'fill in the blanks' of A Thanksgiving Story.

Then they will move on to make graph representations of the guest list, do calculations with regards to the menu, answer some questions to get the answers to child friendly thanksgiving jokes, and of course some after dinner fun math games.

These workbooks, as always, are free of charge.

To receive the Thanksgiving Themed Workbook ...

Simply subscribe to my e-zine. Only my subscribers will have access to these! The password to all the themed math workbooks can be found in Back Issue #002 of 'Elementary Math Fun!'. You will gain immediate access to all back issues of the e-zine upon confirmation of your subscription!

As always, this is for free! <

I hope your kids will have a lot of fun with these printable math worksheets, and that they will see that math is used every day by all of us. And that math is most definately fun!

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