All Your Scalene Triangle Facts

The Scalene Triangle is our third of six methods of identifying triangles identifying triangles.  If you would like to explore a complete site devoted entirely to Elementary Geometry I encourage you to take a look at

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This shape tends to cause problems for our kids because of its characteristic of having NO sides the same length.

Be sure to direct your child’s attention to the line symbol on the triangles sides. Neither a, b or c have the same symbol, because none of the sides are the same length.  This is a standard method of indicating lines that have equal or different lengths in polygons.

Also, the angles are indicated using the different symbol, as they are also all different sizes.

The area of a Scalene triangle is calculated in the same manner as ANY triangle.

What makes a Scalene Triangle?

A Scalene Triangle is a triangle that:

  1. Has NO TWO sides the same length and
  2. HAS NO TWO angles equal in measurement.

Can a Scalene Triangle be Obtuse, Acute or Right?

  • It CAN be a Right Triangle giving us a Triangle that is a Right Scalene.
  • It CAN be an Acute Triangle, giving us an Acute Scalene.
  • It CAN be an Obtuse Triangle, giving us an Obtuse Scalene.

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