The Rational Number

If you can explain what a Rational Number is to your K6 Student, so they can fully understand what it is, you will be arming them with success in many different areas of elementary mathematics.

Rational Number is the mathematical term for fractions. You have to make sure that your child is familiar with this term and that it is represented by the symbol Q.

It doesn't seem so rational that these numbers, also know as fractions would be represented by Q - but it is!  The Q stands for Quotients, which stems directly from ratios, which are another form of fraction representation.

Free Rational Number Course

There is quite a lot of information your child is expected to know about fractions.  This is why I put together an entire course for you to work through with your child.  

This course has everything you need starting with what exactly fractions are all the way to converting fractions to decimals.

You will find all the material you need as a parent, including explanations, worked examples, manipulatives and the all important printable fraction worksheets for your child to get the practice in!

Click to start on the Rational Number Course.

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