Polynomial Equations - are you using the term incorrectly?

"Polynomial Equations" tends to be an expression used rather loosely and much of the time, incorrectly.  In my experience, when a student refers to Polynomial equations, they are in fact referring to polynomials.  A polynomial equation is a polynomial put equal to something.  

A polynomial is NOT an equation.  The equations mostly studied at the elementary math level are linear equations or quadratic equations.  

So - onto Polynomials.

Definition of a Polynomial

Definition: A Polynomial is a finite sum of monomials.

Some Examples of these would be:

Classification of Polynomials

We can classify Polynomials in two ways.

1: By the number of monomials (terms) they contain.

  • Monomial - Contains one term
  • Binomial- Contains two terms
  • Trinomial - Contains three terms

2:  By the degree of the Polynomial.  The degree of a polynomial with only ONE variable is the highest power to which that variable is raised.

  • Trinomial of degree 3
  • Binomial of degree 1
  • Monomial of degree 0

Once you have learned the classification of the polynomial, the next step to take is learning how to add, subtract, multiply and divide polynomials.

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