Free Place Value Concept Printables

To help you tutor your child at home.

Place Value is a vital concept for your child to fully understand.  The foundation you give them here, will determine their strength in everything from multiple digit addition to decimals and percentages.  Be sure to work with your K-6 student until they fully grasp the concept.

Use this information to help you tutor

On a large A4 sheet of paper write the numbers 1 to 5 large enough to fill the page.  Alternatively, you can print this pre-made Place Value Numbers sheet.  While you are printing - also print this worksheet.

Cut out all the numbers.

Now have your child chose three number - they can be any of the five available ones.  Ask them to place them in the box's on the worksheet and also, write the number in one of the small box's on the bottom of the page.

Now it's time to have your kid place the same numbers in the box's again, but in a different order Again, write the new number in the small box's at the bottom of the page.  Have them continue to do this exercise until they have created all the possible three digit numbers.

(If you only use three different digits, then there are six numbers they can create!)

Now it's time to observe and Ask Questions.

  • How many different numbers did you create?
  • How did you get six different numbers?
  • Why is (for example) 321 bigger than 123?

Once your child understands that numbers in different places hold different values they are starting to understand the concept of place value.

This has to be the coolest thing about our number system.  No matter what number we write, even into the millions, billions or trillions, only ten different digits are used to create them all!

These are, of course, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

Once this concept is understood, it will be time to move on to learning place value in more detail by writing numbers in expanded notation.

What I have provided here, is not enough practice for your child.  You should spend adequate time on this before moving on in arithmetic. Continue using the worksheet, just use a different sheet to write the newly created numbers on!

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