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Ordering Fractions

Ordering Fraction is simply rewriting a given set of fractions in order from smallest to largest or largest to smallest, depending on your specific question.

If your problem does not specify which order to write your fractions - the standard is to write from smallest to largest.

When ordering fractions, your child must be able to compare fractions. If there are a number of different denominators, your student must have the skill to rewrite the fractions using one of the following methods:

Once all fractions are rewritten with the same denominator, the fractions are placed in order of their numerators, as the numerator would appear on the intiger number line.


I can see immediately that I have different numerators to deal with. The most common is 20, so I first ask myself ... "are 5 and 10 (the different denominators) factors of 20?" The answer is yes, so I need to replace 3/5 and 2/10 with their equivalent fractions in the form of something/20.

Now you can order these fractions by ordering their numerators as they would appear on the intiger number line. (We can do this as all the denominators are the same.)

This is where many students slip up and lose marks on tests! I was NOT ASKED to find equivalent fractions, so I must present the fractions in my answer as they were first presented in the question. ALWAYS rewrite the fractions in order again, using the original fractions.

I hope you enjoy this section of K6Math.com

To practice this skill print off some of the Ordering fractions worksheets at our printable fraction worksheets section. Move from ordering fractions to printable math worksheets home page or K6Math numbers section.

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