There are Four Math Operations your K-6 student needs to fully understand!

These four operations are:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division

In fact, subtraction is the addition of a negative number, multiplication is speed addition and division is the multiplication of a fraction!

So, really, there is only one math operation your child needs to know. Along with the concept of the others!

Now wouldn't it be nice if it stayed right there? Actually no, it wouldn't. Though it may not seem so when our kids are learning something new in math - the subject wasn't invented to make a childs life miserable.

Every new piece is used to make life easier. This however will only happen if they fully understand what they are doing, and not produce math answers through 'tricks'.

Your child, at the end of their elementary education, should know how to apply all four operations on all types of numbers. They should also know the different words that operations can be expressed by in every day language, so they can master word problems.

I will show you great ways of teaching your child, no matter what their learning style so they will understand each section completely.

Remember however, no matter how you teach your child, or how they learn, ultimately our education is based on proof of knowledge through examinations. Ensure you offer your child enough practice through worksheets, math games and puzzles, manipulatives etc.

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