Your Child can count to 100 and knows that 7 - 3 = 4

Does this mean they understand Numbers and Operations?

Numbers and operations are the starting point for any persons’ math journey.  They go together like peas in a pod.  Peas without a pod don’t exist, and well a pod without peas is pretty useless!

Children start understanding the concept of numbers and of simple operations such as addition and subtraction at an extremely early age.  How young?  Would six months sound crazy to you? Well research shows that this is the age.

What are the operations in Basic Math?

Though it may seem over simplified, there are only four operations in math, that your K6 student must know!

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division

Everything in math Stems from these.  Actually, since subtraction is the addition of a negative number, and division is the multiplication of a fraction (rational number), there are only two operations that ALL math is built upon.

Now wouldn't it be nice for you and your child if it all stopped there?

Actually no it wouldn't.  Though it may not seem like it when your child is learning a new numbers and operations, everything is designed to make advanced math much easier.  Even taking something (now as common place) as our number system - had we stayed with earlier number systems, our life most certainly would not be as it is today.

Here is a comprehensive list of the numbers and operations your child must learn during their K6 Math journey.

  1. Natural Number Comprehension
  2. Whole number comprehension
  3. Addition and multiple digit addition
  4.  Subtraction and multiple digit subtraction
  5. Multiplication and long multiplication
  6. Division and long division
  7. Integers (negative numbers)
  8. Prime numbers
  9. Greatest Common Factor (GCF)
  10. Least Common Multiple (LCM)
  11. Rational Numbers (Fractions)
  12. Addition of Rational Numbers
  13. Multiplication of Rational Numbers
  14. Division of Rational Numbers
  15. Radical Numbers and Indices
  16. Decimals
  17. Percentages - Directly linking to Data Analysis
  18. Ratio and Proportion
  19. Calculation in a base different to base 10
  20. Representation of the different numbers
  21. History of our number system including Roman Numerals

This may seem like a lot of work, and it is.  But remember, it is also over Seven years of Elementary education.

You will also be happy to see that every section builds on the section before almost effortlessly.

I will show you great ways of teaching your child, no matter what their learning style so they will understand each section completely.

Remember however, no matter how you teach your child, or how they learn, ultimately our education is based on proof of knowledge through examinations.  Ensure you offer your child enough practice for each skill.

This numbers and operations hub is just one of five Basic Mathematics sections of this site, and there is a lot more to explore in the Printable Math Worksheets site.

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