Multiplication Windmill IN - Calculator OUT

The Multiplication Windmill was designed by Renato, a professor of mathematics in Italy, to allow children practice and check answers to single digit multiplication tables while exploring number patterns.

Renato kindly sent me a wheel for my son to play with during the summer vacation.  It was fun to watch him work with it. 

There were times when I thought he was struggling with a question, but I was wrong.  Not only was he fascinated with the number patterns, but he was amazed at the design.

He studied it for the longest time, establishing how the three discs of cardboard (one on top of the other) could actually just 'give him the answers like a calculator!"

If you don't like the idea of your child using a calculator just yet, but do want him to have the ability to 'self check' his work, then this multiplication windmill might just be the item you are looking for - and for it's price - it is well worth the purchase!

You can Purchase a Multiplication Wheel.

If you want to watch this in action please watch this video.

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