Printable Multiplication Charts

With some great ideas on how to use them!

Printable multiplication charts are a great tool for you to offer your kid. It is well known that if you even put charts on a wall, and do nothing more; the familiarity of them stay with us - even if we never actually 'study' them. 

I know from personal experience from my years in school.  The teachers who routinely used charts were our science teachers. I can actually visualize posters of the Periodic Table, of Organs, the Vascular system, the Food Chain, and countless others.  Yet for other subjects, I can barely remember the material we studied, let alone, recollect the actual material.

Multiplication Charts

I have created two types of multiplication charts for you to chose from. The first is a colorful chart with one numbers facts per sheet.  The second are 100 squares with skip numbers highlighted in bold.

How do I suggest you use these Multiplication Charts?

Well you can simply:

  1. Put them in a plastic sheet protector, and allow your child to use them as manipulatives if they need help doing some math worksheets or ..
  2. put them on a wall that your child sees on a regular basis.  Perhaps their bedroom wall or, wherever they tend to play the most or ..
  3. Use probably the oldest and most unrecognized homework aid in history!...The Dining Room Table!

Neither of the first two suggestions sounds like much fun!  I personally think the dining room table is absolutely the best study aid and homework helper ever.  It's the place where board games are played, family discussions take place, and homework is done. 

Don't make dinner time a math quiz for your kids!

Dinner should be a relaxing time for everyone. You don't want after dinner to become a math quiz for your child - but it can become a questions and answers session for everyone at the table. 

Are there areas of interest that you never had time to learn about - perhaps some history, geography or maybe pop culture facts?

Whatever this area is for each person - create a table mat with some facts and questions.  At the end of your meal, have everyone shift their table mat, one person to the right or left.  This person then asks the original mat owner some of the questions on the back! Don't leave the younger kids out.  

They have stuff they are learning also - the alphabet, phonic sounds, shapes, animal names - they can absolutely participate in this game.

They will perhaps need some assistance to read the questions!

Every so often you can then change up the mats, when you and your kids have mastered the new facts, but keep the information (for everyone!).

At the end of perhaps the school semester, have a family quiz - and amaze yourselves with your new found knowledge!  You will also be amazed at how much of everyone else's  information your kids retain! 

Have Fun with this.

Have a lot of fun with this, homework and learning in general should be interesting and fun, not a chore or misery.  There should never be tears. Your kids work hard at school.  The last thing home should become is just another school day!

Do you have any fun math games you play with your kids?

If you do, please don't hesitate to send me some ideas.  I want to make this site an amazing resource for Parent Tutors and Home schooling parents alike!  With your help I can do this.

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