Other Math Websites You may find Helpful

A large part of the service I aim to offer with this site, is to give parents alternative resources.  I would never assume that what I offer on this site is exactly what every parent/tutor/teacher would want or need.

Methods of teaching math are as diverse as the kids learning math!

This is why, as I find other different yet complimentary sites which I feel may benefit you, I will post them here.

I hope, should you chose to visit these sites, that you find them helpful.

K6 Math Videos

If your child benefits from using Math Videos as a learning aid, this new and growing collection of videos will be a valuable addition to your tutoring tools.
Basic Mathematics

If you are confident in your abilities to tutor your child, but simply need to brush up on the elements of basic math, this site should prove to be an excellent resource for you.
Teach Kids Singapore Math

This site is a wonderfully laid out site that will assist all teachers, tutors and parents to teach kids math using the model method for math from Singapore.
Find Tutoring Help

Try using the information at www.printabl-math-worksheets, to tutor your child yourself. If however you have decidied you need to find tutoring help this site will be of great interest to you. It is a directory of tutors. It's main goal is to connect students with teachers/tutors who specialize in one-on-one tutoring.
Learn with math games!

When we are having fun, we are more open to learning. Pull out a great Math game and kids of all ages lose their Math inhibitions and happily engage in even complex mathematical tasks.

School Themes

Whether your child is struggling with math or not, their teacher is probably doing a wonderful job. Sometimes this is hard to acknowledge, if our child is having difficulties. But remember, teachers have a large class of kids. They tend to be leaders, mentors & counselors, and they deserve to be recognized for their efforts. Use the information on the School Themes site, to find an exciting and unique way to celebrate the teachers in your school.
Laerskool Kanonkop

Laerskool Kanonkop - a primary school in Middleburg offers a web site in a mix of English and Afrikaans specializing in general education and child development.

It is astonishing to see websites around the world offering similar material in different languages. It certainly tells a common story. Parents everywhere in the world are doing everything they can to help other parents do the best for their children.

As I have had an increase in visitors from South Africa I thought this would be an excellent source of information to bring your attention.

Free Printables Website

This site has a host of free printable worksheets in many subject areas. I hope you enjoy them!

Do you want to list your site with a great free directory?

This will only be of interest to other website owners, but I thought I would put it here, as in the directory, there is a host of great educational and family friendly websites also.

Be sure to check out this directory.

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