Without Knowing Their Math Facts
Your Child Will Always Struggle with Mathematics

Math Facts are essential to your childs success with mathematics.  No matter what their style of learning– no matter what your style of teaching, the goal for every student is the same.

They must end up knowing their facts, and more importantly, understanding them! If they don’t know them, the result for every student is the same – math problems!

Do you know what we mean when we refer to Math Facts?

How do you know if your child knows them or not?

How can you help them to improve their knowledge?

Is your child using tricks to get the right answers?

All the Free Printable Math Fact sheets you require for K-6 Mathematics are available by subject area.  As there is one download per subject area please note that a 3rd Grade student will not know all these facts.  A 6th grader should know them all, and a Kindergartner will only know a small portion.  

Familiarize yourself with your childs Grade Level Expectations.

In each of our 'hub' pages, you can see what your student must learn in their seven years of elementary education.

  1. Numbers & Operations
  2. Measurement
  3. Algebra
  4. Data Analysis and Probability
  5. Geometry - This is my entire site devoted to elementary geometry.

What are math facts?

This is an excellent question.  Traditionally we would have known them as our math tables.  You, like me, most probably learned your tables through rote learning.  This is not a bad way to learn them ONCE comprehension of the operation is understood.

There is no point knowing that 12 x 6 = 72, if you don't understand what you are doing when multiplying.

Are there other facts?

Yes.  Although huge emphasis is put on Arithmetic Facts, there are facts in every area of elementary math.  How many seconds to a minute? What is the area of a triangle?  How many yards in a mile?  What about the Properties of Arithmetic or the Rules for Radical Numbers?

These are all math facts that must be learned and understood.

Math Fact Sheets

Math Fact Sheets are sometimes referred to as Cheat Sheets.  I think this is unfortunate, as it brings negative connotations with the name.

I think if your kid uses cheat sheets as a crutch for a while it's fine.  With use, these rules and facts will become intuitive and they will no longer need the Math Fact Sheets.

I say, print them off, and let them use them!

If you found this information helpful, don't forget to explore each basic math areas Math Facts independently, or explore everything Printable Math Worksheets has to offer.

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