Improper Fractions

Improper fractions are one of three very important terms your child needs to be familiar with - the other two are:

  1. Proper Fractions
  2. Mixed Numbers

Both of which I explain in detail in their individual sections. Here we only deal with the Improper Fractions.

So what are Improper Fractions?

They are fractions where the numerator is always greater than the denominator.

Improper fractions are important to recognize as by doing so you can immediately say it is greater than 1.  This is important when your student starts comparing and ordering fractions.

Improper Fraction Facts

Visual Representation of Improper Fractions

Express 3/4 using a diagram


  1. Each piece is 1/4.
  2. We have 3.  
  3. 3 < 4 so this is NOT an improper fraction.

Express 4/3 using a diagram


  1. Each piece is 1/3.
  2. We have 4.  
  3. 4 > 3 so this IS an improper fraction.

With practice your child will soon be able to recognize improper fractions.

As improper fractions can be presented in any size, it is vital that your student also masters how to convert these fractions into their equivalent Mixed Numbers.

Be sure to take advantage of our improper fractions worksheets found in our fraction worksheets section.

Please also, don't forget to print out some fraction manipulatives.  When these are used, identifying proper and improper fractions is done quickly and easily.

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